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About Us

While national and international news is easily available on various platforms, we somehow tend to miss out on the updates on local affairs. Lokus News was started with the philosophy of providing regional news to the readers. We at Lokus believe that regional news holds equal importance as national and international news. It contributes in the decision-making process at the local level and helps build a healthy society. We curate a good mix of regional news along with important national and international news that directly or indirectly affect our daily lives.

Our Vision

To empower people with information that matters and cultivate an informed and healthy society.

Our Mission

To deliver accurate, unbiased and timely information.

Our Team

Prashant Lunawat


Prakhar Lunawat


Rajeev Das

(Head of English Content)

Vijay Vaishnav

( Head of Hindi Content)

Urja Jain

(English Editor)

Mahima Digwani

(English Editor)

Arun Jaiswal

(Hindi Content)

Madhumita Gautam

(Hindi Content)

Anubhav Srivastava

(English Content)

Prakash Sahu

(Digital Assistant)

Ankit Marskole

(Digital Assistant)

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